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In my endeavour to analyse and understand the disruptive force of digitalisation on media, it is time to capitalise on my experiences along the way.
During my BEP time I made experiences in direct media selling (Direct Group), book publishing (Random House), TV broadcasting (Antena 3 / RTL Group) and music publishing (BMG Rights Management). Many times I complaint that large corporations where slow to act and adapt new trends and business model. Today, I understand that oftentimes very risky for large and established companies to be a first mover. If you want to play and capitalize on early trends, you have to be in venture capital. In July I joined BDMI, Bertelsmann’s venture capital arm.

BDMI is a strategic venture investor focused on innovative digital media technologies, products, and distribution channels across the globe. We look for opportunities where we can accelerate growth through BDMI’s financial and management resources and close connectivity with one or more Bertelsmann divisions.BDMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Bertelsmann AG.

The current portfolio comprises 16 investments in the US, Europe and Asia.

For the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on several themes such as online video, gaming, e-commerce and online education, among others. Any input from you about interesting sectors and companies is very welcome.

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After having spend more than three months in Berlin now at BMG, it is about time to share some details about my current project. BMG is a music publishing start-up founded in 2008. You can check out the website here.

In the music industry, a music publisher (or publishing company) is responsible for ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. Through an agreement called a publishing contract, a songwriter or composer “assigns” the copyright of their composition to a publishing company. In return, the company licenses compositions, helps monitor where compositions are used, collects royalties and distributes them to the composers. They also secure commissions for music and promote existing compositions to recording artists, film and television. Read the full Wikipedia article here.

What makes a publisher different to a record label is that revenue generation is not limited to the sale of physical or digital reproductions of a master recording. Publishers have a vast and growing range of revenue sources. Just think about all the motion picture advertising spots on  iPhones and iPads that will come along with all the media people will consume. They will certainly feature music that needs to be licensed from their respective owners. Or think about Guitar Hero or any other video game that comes with music. Or even live concerts that are increasingly popular. All these trends indicate that music will continue to play a major role in our digital lives. As a copyright owner, this world is becoming very complex and you would like to see your copyrights exploited in the most transparent, efficient and revenue generating way. This is what we are trying to do at BMG.

But before we can engage in all the fancy stuff, we have to make sure to purchase or sign copyrights around the globe. My current job is of a financial nature and implies the acquisition of music copyrights.

So far the introduction, in the following posts I will comment on some trends and ideas I pick up along the way.

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via @gunnarbender. This kind of news makes me very optimistic about the media industry. We reached rock bottom but will rise high. We are not far away. Don´t tell me the following video does not excite you! Technology will provide more and more convenience in terms of consumption and connectedness will provide us with context and relevance. The combination of those elements clearly has value and will be monetizable. Check out yourself!

This collaboration between The Wonderfactory and Time, Inc. is an excellent example of how tablets will enable the creation of innovative, addictive experiences by publishers, media companies, and …

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more about “Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5“, posted with vodpod


I just registered for the ficod09 in Madrid. This international forum on digital content will take place from the 17.-19. of November in Madrid. The line-up is really promising with keynote speeches from Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey and Daniel Ek the co-founder of the popular and totally amazing Music streaming service Spotify.  The complete programme can be found here. If you have a chance to visit Madrid for this occasion it would be great to catch up. Admission is free, register here.

All interesting aspects will be posted on this blog. You are very welcome to join the conversation.

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