CYOCwidget Goes Live

Posted on: July 15, 2009

Hi everybody,

today I would like to draw your attention to a really cool widget which was launched by my colleagues from Bertelsmann HR Services North America.
In these turbulent times it is a great sign and indicates Bertelsmann’s ability to be cutting edge in the digital arena. Well done guys!

Miodrag Perin describes the Windows Vista only Gadget: “as a tool that allows anybody, whether they are a job seeker or not, to “connect, learn, and interact with our company”:

The main functions are:

  • Read and apply online to any Bertelsmann company or division Job worldwide
  • Read blog entries, view photos and embedded content
  • Read twitter entries, respond, reply, and retweet
  • Twitter directly from the widget to you twitter account and with the BertelsmannCYOC twitter channel
  • Interact with Bertelsmann in a whole new way

Future version will be available in ADOBE Air and will work on all Operating Systems including MAC.

The New CYOCwidget Windows Gadget can be downloaded at

If you want to digg the widget, here is the link


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