Lev Grossmann on publishing (TIME, “Books unbound”)

Posted on: January 23, 2009

In addition to my last blog entry on different perspectives of the publishing industry, I want to draw your attention to the following post by O’Reilly.

If you ever talked to me, you will now how much I am convinced that the so called “gate-keeper” roles in the traditional sense are increasingly under pressure from new aggregators on the web. (typical examples are headhunters, real-estate agents, brokers, etc.)

The article by Lev Grossmann (this is the whole article) highlights that the traditional role of publishing will loose it’s gate-keeper power in the future.

In her opinion, a solution will be defined by hundreds of separate innovations and decisions, all coming together in ways we can’t possibly predict. Publishers who open themselves to opportunity and experimentation have a much better chance of survival — and success — than those crying about the “death” of publishing (or journalism … or music … or any other content-based industry).

That is why I think that looking at publishing from a different perspective is going to be vital.

Make sure you read the comments to the post too.

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