Social Media for Publishing

Posted on: January 5, 2009

Only a couple of days before I start a new project in my entrepreneurs program @ Bertelsmann. In January I will join Random House Inc. in New York. Most of the time I will be working for a group of people in the digital marketing and business development area. The main topic for the next month will be social media and publishing.

A great webinar held just before Christmas got me up to speed. Special thanks to Chris Brogan who talked about social media and the publishing industry. What I found most relevant is the following: Marketing the long tail is going to be much easier and much more effective in the future. Due to the tools of web 2.0, authors and publishers will find the relevant audiences without the need of mega marketing budgets.

Chris explained the mechanism to self promote your content in the following way. Authors need a digital homebase. Blogs are going to fulfill this purpose. Outpost messages through twitter, facebook, etc. will draw the attention of users to the authors homebase. Alternatively, these outpost messages consist of some form of extended content (trailers, excepts) which are easily shared among users. They thereby become the centre of conversations on the web. For publishers, listening and information exchange are the two critical things to get right in the future.

Here are the slides of the presentation.


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